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How does your organization is creating value?

Where it is not?

Creacion de Valor

¿How do we achieve results?

Identification and characterization of the product portfolio.

Characterization of the business model and value proposition.

Design of strategic and tactical objectives.

The definition of key performance indicators and objective-based performance.

Deployment of goals, plans, and key performance indicators for the processes, functional areas, and work groups of the organization.

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M Operativos

We integrate and connect all your organization’s processes towards value creation.

How do we achieve results?

Identification of opportunities in the company’s operating model.

Design of risk management operations.

Design, characterization, and adjustment of processes aligned with value creation and the objectives of the organization.

Creation of key performance indicators to meassure how processes need to be managed to achieve value creation and strategic objectives.

The integration and connection of all processes within an operating model that leads to results and value creation.

Design of the organization´s process map.

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A Organizacional

We design the structure that allows you to distribute roles and functions efficiently throughout the organization.

How do we achieve results?

Design of an organizational architecture aligned with the operating model, value creation objectives, indicators, and organizational culture.

identification of roles, functions, and key performance indicators , aligned with your objectives and organizational culture, for functional areas and work groups.

implementation of techniques to measure and determine the number of employees needed to efficiently perform tasks per position, work group, functional area, and throughout the organization (Workload Analysis and Manpower Planning).

Implementation of service level agreements (SLA) across the functional areas of your business.

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G Talento

We develop tools for efficient talent management, that will strengthen employee loyalty and productivity.

How do we achieve results?

Design of employee performance evaluation systems.

Design of employee succession plans.

The design of employee training programmes that show a return on investment (ROI) for the company.

Creation of employee job manuals containing Key Performance Indicators.

Design of monetary and non-monetary remuneration models.

Work environment diagnosis.

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T Digital

We identify the current state of your organization’s ability to leverage current technologies within its operations.

How do we achieve results?

Evaluation of the company’s use of technologies against ITIL standards.

Verification of the company’s value creation efficiency and positive results after the introduction of technological innovation.

Identification of adjustments needed in the business’ processes and the Operating model, after the introduction of technological innovation.

Identification of variations and changes of functional roles and job positions as a result of the introduction of technological innovation.

Creation of a step-by-step implementation plan that ensures the company will achieve its goals and objectives after the technological changes.

D Analytics

We measure the productivity of the company

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It is a data collection and analysis platform that take real information from your daily operations and analyze them to find better ways to improve the processes, organizational structure, roles, jobs functions and use of the available technologies.

All this under the DEPO methodology for productivity, improvement and optimization of resources.

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We identify how teams could achieve better results.

Then made follow up of the results, influenced by key indicators:

  • Strategy objectives.

  • Process Development.

  • Teams performance.

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Collect information about the actual situation of the company.

Then we work on a diagnosis of the operation, analyzing:

  • The organizational structure and the workloads.

  • The actual operation processes.

  • The Work environment.

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